Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Add adsense to your page in

First, I will begin this with my feeling about blogger.
I try blogger for 3 days. Love it freedom of customization at first.
I also have adsense already and heard that it can go together nicely.
(which it shoud be because all are from google :D )
but that is the first problem I get :(

I read blogger help about "Putting AdSense on Your Blog"
follow to "How do I put AdSense on my blog (using Layouts)?"
I can't find "click one of the Add a Page Element links".
All I see is "Add a Gaget" and in there, it doesn't have normal AdSense option.
All I see is a modified adsense that contain other 's ads.

So I have to rollback my layout to classic template and start guessing its html.
And follow "How do I put AdSense on my blog (using a classic template)?"
which can solve my some part of problem. But as the help said
"This feature does not currently provide a way of moving the ads"
and classic template quite hard to config T_T
But fun to try out if you have time ^^"
I guess there's no other people have the same problem like me
but if there are some. here 's how I con fig.

1. Sign in your blogger
2. enter customize at the higher right menu
3. at the "template" tab click to "Edit HTML"
4. you can try to put your adsense code here
5. you can try to make a new right group by add
"<+mainorarchivepage+> "
"your content"
" <+/+mainorarchivepage+> "
6. by 5. you do not need "" and "+" when added
7. use "Save Now" button often
because you can lose your code all the time
8. by 7. it happens to me
9. End. Have Fun ^^"

ps. After I creat a new blog Pumpui the heart of montmartre. I can now choose adsense gadget by blogger at "Add a Gaget".
I wonder if this is because I change the theme template not the same as this theme.
May be it's because of the theme I choose or my internet connection :S

End \(^ ^)/ Hope you like it.

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