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Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review : Kampfer HGUC 1/144

Kampfer HGUC 1/144
Plastic Model kit Kämpfer is a famouse robot charactor in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Gundam Model refers to plastic and non-plastic model kits depicting the mecha, vehicles and characters of the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam universe. These kits have become popular among anime fans and model-lovers, especially in Japan and in other nearby Asian countries since 1980s. The popularity of Gundam models increased in 1990s with North America and Europe being exposed to Gundam through television, video and manga. These Gundam Models may also be called Gunpla , a portmanteau of "Gundam Plastic Model".


story from wiki
"December, Universal Century 0079. Zeon intelligence has identified a prototype Federation Gundam under development in a Federation base in the Arctic. Elite Zeon MS commandos are dispatched to destroy the prototype, but before they can accomplish their mission the Gundam is launched into space. When the Gundam turns up in a Federation R&D base inside the neutral space colony Side 6, the Principality launches a covert operation to destroy the Gundam. The raid fails and Zeon will launch a nuclear strike against the colony unless the last remaining commando can eliminate the Gundam."


High Grade 1:144 scale HG (High Grade) level kits were introduced in 1990, started from the titular mobile suits of the first 4 tv-series. These kits feature some sort of an "internal frame" (for the first two kits) and provide better range of motion and were more poseable. It would later lend its name to the more advanced High Grade Universal Century, and more recently High Grade Gundam 00.



Now Kampfer in CG \(^^)/


I used to have a "no grade kampfer" but this "high grade kampfer" make me love gunpla again.
Better than Gundam may be :D
It's very beautiful. So nice color and detail. You will love it like I do.



End \(^ ^)/ Hope you like it.

Search your favorite Anime Charactor here :D

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