Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

finding others in blogger

After 3 days of guessing things and setting things up in Blogger.
I quite ready to see where's everybody :D.
Accually I wanted to see a BIG Communities at first when I join Blogger.
But I couldn't find a way yet that time. After 3 posts of toys reveiw.
I want to know the people that have the same taste. same hobby. same interests.
I cant' find a way O_o. (As I am posting this, I figured it out :D )
Did'nt Blogger shoud have search bar on the top of its Header for search for others ?
I expect that (Am I the only one T_Y)
May be it's hard to finding other's blog because of the privacy.
But then again, Didn't you can set the privacy level at the first place.

However here's how you can find others in Blogger :D
I search them from Google Y_Y

1. Try
you can add "site:*" to the end of your search to filter only blogspot blogs
Creadits to davexy from

Fill out in your Blogger profile such as Interests.
The interests that you fill out in your Blogger profile are links to other blogspot bloggers with the same interest as you.
After fill in you view your profile and click the link in interest to find the blogger that share the same key words with you \(^^)/ End.
Quite a good idea, quite hard to follow. How I know I will like it or not if I don't know anything about it

Hop this help :D
I love japanese figures, Blythe dolls, Momoko dolls, Pullip dolls, Gunpla, Plamo and toys.
Did we share somthing in commons :)

End \(^ ^)/ Hope you like it.

Search your favorite Charactor here :D

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