Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blythe Doll : Heart OF Montmartre (Pumpui)

Hello everybody. This time is Blythe. Blythe doll !!!


We will take you to Heart OF Montmartre. The most lovely Blythe.
The most beautiful Blythe. We call her Pumpui ~\(^*^)/~


Let's know a little about Blythe Dolls.
in 1972, Allison Katzman,a designer in U.S. toy company Kenner, created a doll know as Blythe. This Blythe doll was modelled after Margaret Keane's drawings. Feature eyes that changed color by pulling the "Pull Ring" at the back of her head. Blythe dolls were only sold for 1 year in U.S. due to the lack of interest, somesaid they come to the market too soon (the doll of future ?).


30 years later after the first appear, Blythe doll become popular by Gina Garan. In 1997 Gina was given a1972 Blythe from her friend. Some siad she take it with her everywhere for practicing her photographic skills. "This is Blythe" hits the market in 2002 it is a book of Blythe photography. After that blythe was known to worldwide become a niche product.

Who are the most Beautiful Blythe ?
PUMPUI's portrait

I am. I am.


Make me cute with BooBie.


For your information. I have my own Blog !!
The Most Beautiful Blythe :D

End \(^ ^)/ Hope you like it.

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