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Blythe Dolls and Japanese Figures

Monday, January 12, 2009

Review : Saber Lily Figma

From Max Factory, Type-Moon and Capcom this Fate/Unlimited Codes has bring us a great action figure known as "Figma Saber Lily ".

About Saber : She is the most famous charactor from Series Fate/Stay Night. The 7th servant.
Spoiler : Saber represents King Arthur dubbed "Arthuria".

Series first appear in a visual novel video game created by Type-Moon.
Fate/stay night Réalta Nua, was released for the PlayStation 2 as an all-ages version ^^".

Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night published as a light novel, stressing the events of the 4th Holy Grail War and how its consequences affected the 5th Holy Grail War.

At December 2008 Max Factory, Type-Moon and Capcom has released Fate/Unlimited Codes. It's a V.S. fighting game for Play Station 2. The hilight is it bundled Special Figma Saber. The most beautiful one, Saber Lily. And here goes the review....

I got it on 5th Jan 2009 from Play-Asia the good online shop one. My favorite :D.
Figma Saber Lily just have a chance to unpack /(Y_T)\
Very Nice Layout :D


Consist of 1 ps2 DVD Game and Figma Saber Lily \(^^)/

There is a new body lock type

2 face expression. Normal not smile and Stare far far away - -"
Hair style is windy another direction with normal Figma saber

At her Back there is a pin to close the hole if you don't use old type stand lock.

Stand out from the box

Very gorgeous

Action pose as seen in the front box. I use old hair style. Her leg were stocking, lovely :)

I use the new lock type. Prefer more than the old peg in the back :D

This angle, she quite moody because her master take her photo not too good :(

Dark face angle. It's because she fainted by the hard sunlight :S

End ^^"

See more & Buy Saber Toys & Figures From Play-Asia

Or Search your favorite Charactor here :D

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